Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paper Shuffling

This past Friday I noticed just how much paper shuffling teaching takes.  When I was in private industry, there were papers to shuffle, but they were not in the same realm as the ones I deal with now.  I have papers to grade, both homework and tests/quizzes.  I have papers to write: homework, tests/quizzes, lesson plans, and student recommendations.  I have other grading to record: programs and projects from computer science classes and online work for math classes.  Then, I have to put all this on the online grading system ... plus I have to put assignments, etc. on the internet ... plus I have to create a certain amount of online work so that my math students get more practice.  Also, in the modern American way, I have to send out either by email or the post office progress reports in case a student is failing or close to failing.  Aaaagh!

I am working on moving our school to an LMS (Learning Management System).  I personally like Moodle, partly for its free software and constant upgrades, etc. from the international Moodle community, but our school would need to have it hosted by someone else ... and that is where the problem lies for Moodle.  Or for any other LMS around.  Any suggestions, anyone?  I could certainly use them.

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